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    January 25, 2022


    That year... it's been hard for everyone. I had my share of life changing events too including a year with not a single wedding. Here is where I usually show my favorites from a summer of wedding, but...
    January 24, 2022

    Summer 2019

    That year I was living in Portugal and travelled back to France for a summer of weddings. I also collaborated with Angélique from Histoire d'Ange to create a styled shoot with warm tones.
    Montpellier Wedding photographer February 7, 2019

    Summer 2018

    The best of a wedding season: moments, feelings, light...
    Wedding photographer Cheateau Grand Boise February 2, 2019

    Summer 2017

    That summer I mainly stayed in Southern France (Cévennes, Provence, Languedoc) yet there was such a nice variety of light. Some weddings were by the sea, near Montpellier and I also really liked going...