Tell me more

    If you're feeling creative, please feel free to have fun with this.
    Just copy and paste the text in an email and fill in the blanks before sending it to info.malvinaphoto@gmail.com

    Hi Malvina!
    We are just two _______________ that fell in love.
    I am from _______________ , and s/he is from _______________ . We met one _______________ day, at _______________ . If I were a color, I would be _______________ and s/he would be _______________ . We most like to _______________ and you will mostly find us eating _______________ or _______________ .
    A movie we love to watch is _______________ and if we were on a roadtrip we would definitively be blasting _______________ or _______________ . His/her nickname for me is _______________ and I call him/her
    _______________ . Our friends would describe us as_______________ & the couple that loves to _______________ .
    I am so passionate about _______________ and my partner thinks that _______________ _ is really important in life.
    If we had to choose one location for the rest of our lives to go on holiday to, it would be_______________ _. We love to drink _______________ and our favorite show is _______________ .
    We are just your everyday couple that loves _______________  and hates _______________ . I mostly love_______________ and _______________ about my fianc√©. And s/he loves that I’m _______________ .
    We are seriously exited about working with you because of_______________ and _______________ . We care about photography because
    _______________. We trust the most important thing about documenting our wedding is _______________ and _______________ . We’d like to stay in the ______________ budget range for photography.

    We are planning on having a _______________ day at *location* on *date*.