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      Hey, I'm Malvina.
      Let me tell you a story...

      ...your story, one that can only be told with images. Something simple, close and natural, a wedding with elegance and emotions, with friends and family, good food, long hours, and many memories.

      Poetry and moments


      For a long time I wanted to be a writer or a poet. To tell stories for me was like dreaming. The only problem was that I was thinking in pictures. It was hard to put words on these images in my head. So I thought I’ll draw instead. But again, I could not share all the details. It’s not until I met my photography teacher that I understood that photography could be used to speak, to share moments, to tell stories.

      Capturing love stories since 2012. The couples I photograph want to celebrate their wedding with their friends and family, have a nice time, something authentic, elegant and simple: the occasion to gather all their friends from around the world.

      I love a wedding that is like the tower of Babel. Apart from photography I always loved to learn languages. I’m a native French speaker yet I speak with a British accent in English. I also can have a simple conversation in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.
      Even if I tend to be quite discreet on the wedding day, if you or your guests need any help, I often translate.

      Photography is actually my second profession. I was a travel agent before hence the extensive travels I made in the past. It also means I’m not lost if you’re planning on having a destination wedding. Also, being in a new environnement and culture is very inspiring. Nothing beats “new eyes” when it comes to creativity.

      All welcomed here

      Malvina Photography stands for a modern, inclusive and equal worldview. People on the autism spectrum, of all nationalities, LGBTQ + identifications and religions are welcome in front of my camera. There is no room for racism, homophobia and sexism here.

      Only one planet

      Malvina Photography stands for the protection of the environnement and therefore made the choice of a paperless business, recyclable packaging, limited transport… I’m not perfect but I’m dedicated to supporting organizations and initiatives that are making a difference in their fields and communities.

      A better self image

      Malvina Photography stands for a better acceptation of all types of bodies. I don’t retouch to unrealistic standards (only remove mosquito bites lol). Our imperfections make our singularities. Goodbye magazine flawlessness expectation, hello love and realism.